Melting Operations


Perryman’s melting facility employs Electron Beam Cold Hearth Melting (EB) and Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR) technologies, both of which operate under vacuum. These melting techniques allow us to optimize management of raw materials while providing our customers with a reliable, one-stop supplier of choice. We recycle nearly 100% of our own internally generated titanium scrap. 

All material is double melted. The first melt utilizes multiple EB guns to melt the blend of raw materials through a cold hearth, casting electrodes up to 12,500 pounds. Cold hearth melt refines the material, assuring a high quality product for critical applications in aerospace, medical, and other industries.

The next step is to remelt the EB electrode in the VAR furnace. In this process, the electrode is further refined via an electric arc. Through the use of a carefully controlled and constant melt rate, the arc melts one end of the vertically positioned electrode into a crucible, where it cools and solidifies. Our two-station VAR furnace allows one ingot to cool while another electrode is melting, resulting in an efficient process with maximized throughput.

Like the EB melting operation, the VAR operation is constantly monitored by Perryman’s highly trained technicians to ensure reliable, well-controlled melt practices and ensuring superior quality titanium ingots.


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