Perryman’s hot roll bar and coil products follow a variety of finishing paths, depending on the final product to be manufactured. All products must pass rigorous inspections for size, tolerance, condition, microstructure, mechanical properties, and any customer-requested industry specifications. 

Centerless Ground Bar Products

Centerless ground bar is typically produced by turning and grinding the surface to a specified size. Smaller diameter bar sizes are also produced by straightening a hot roll coil into bar lengths that are ground to the finished size. As a result of our large bar expansion in 2010, Perryman offers finished bar products in sizes up to 4.00" (101.60mm). 

Precision Finish Coil

Precision finish coil is produced from hot roll coil and achieves tighter tolerances than centerless ground bar products. Processed in our coil finishing operations, precision finish coil undergoes additional drawing and surface conditioning until it is the finished wire size. Depending on customer requirements, the material may be coated with a lubricant suitable for heading operations and near net part manufacturing.


The shapes group converts bar material into a variety of configurations through a drawing and rolling process based on the desired product size and tolerance requirements. With our unmatched technical expertise, we create custom-shaped titanium products to fit very specific customer requirements.

Fine Wire

Our fine wire is processed into smaller diameters through a series of drawing steps until it meets the size required by the customer. Fine wire products are typically sold on spools or supplied in straight lengths. At .0025" (.064mm) diameter, our smallest wire is finer than human hair.

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