Total Rewards

People join Perryman because we're an excellent employer with rich benefits.

Think about all you get as a Perryman employee: wages and benefits, challenge, growth and pride in what we do.

That's "Perryman Rewards" and they really add up! This website helps you access all of the following rewards:

  • MY PAY: Wages and Bonus
  • MY HEALTH: Time off, Health, Wellness, Disability and Life Insurance
  • MY FUTURE: 401(k) and Profit sharing
  • OUR COMPANY: Perryman vision and values, Work environment, Open communication and more

Our plans are highly competitive and often much better than those offered by the competition.

Perryman employees stay for many reasons, including:

  • Quality of our product
  • Pride in our people and work places
  • Clear line of sight to leadership
  • Open communication
  • Culture of sustainable growth

Take time to visit this website. It provides the tools and resources you and your family need to understand Perryman Rewards and make informed decisions.

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