Perryman Businesses

Three respected businesses under the Perryman name.

Perryman Titanium Group

Perryman titanium group is a trusted, fully integrated worldwide supplier of specialty titanium products. From melting ingots to finishing, this branch of the Perryman Company produces titanium bar, wire, fine wire and net shapes to support the needs of the aerospace, medical/dental, additive/3D printing, consumer, industrial, infrastructure, and military markets.


Headquartered in Houston, PA, the titanium group has 4 separate campuses all located in Pennsylvania. 

  • Coal Center: At the Coal Center, PA melting campus there is a chemistry laboratory and two focused manufacturing operations: melting and breakdown.
  • Vandale Drive: The Vandale Drive campus consists of a testing laboratory and five focused manufacturing operations.
  • Frackville: The Frackville campus is an intermediate manufacturing operation which supports the Vandale Drive campus activities. 
  • Pike Street: The Pike Street campus produces finished bar products and inventories bar in preparation for shipment to customers. 

Perryman Forge & Fabrication

Perryman Forge & Fabrication is a high-quality contract manufacturer that specializes in forging metals and fabricating metals and plastics.

Located in Houston, PA, the Forge & Fabrication facility processes titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless, and plastic materials in addition to cleaning and packaging products for the medical industry.  

Metalube & Coating Services

Metalube & Coating Services is a manufacturer and supplier of quality aqueous cleaners/degreasers and lubricants for use in the specialty metals industry. The company also coats, warehouses, and delivers material. 

Founded in 1969, Metalube Corporation developed proprietary lubricants and fluids for the aerospace and metalworking industries. These lubricants are used worldwide to assist in the forming of specialty metal products. The 4U cleaning compounds were designed to replace solvent-base cleaners as a safer and greener alternative.

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