At Perryman, there are a diverse range of opportunities to pursue a rewarding career.

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The Perryman Story

The Perryman Company is founded on a unique idea.  From our beginnings, we set our sights to look beyond the customary ways of manufacturing specialty titanium products.  The fact that something has always been done a certain way is no reason for us to continue doing it that way.  For Perryman Company, “good enough” is never good enough.

Our tradition of finding innovative, more efficient means of production extends to our customer relationships.  Rather than the standard interaction between vendor and customer, Perryman builds long term relationships.  Our customers know that Perryman will support them through the ups and downs of business cycles.  We don’t try to be everything to everyone, but our customers know they can always depend on us.

Prospective Employees: Working at Perryman Company

Perryman is always looking to add exceptional people to our company.  It is critical to our success.  Throughout our history, we have invested heavily in expanding our operations and broadening our product scope. Our facilities and equipment are modern and state of the art. Each employee’s work area is bright and clean. 

What you will find when you walk around and speak to Perryman employees is that many have been with Perryman for quite a few years – owing to the fact that Perryman is a rewarding place to work.  Continued expansions of Perryman campuses, facilities, and processes have led to industry leading capacity capabilities. With a firm position in the aerospace and medical markets, as well as new ventures into other emerging markets, our future is bright.

Perryman employees receive a range of benefits that, when totaled, add up to a premium plan that reaches beyond all the others - it features the following benefits:

  • MY PAY: Wages and Bonus
  • MY HEALTH: Time off, Wellness, Disability and Life Insurance
  • MY FUTURE: 401(k) and Profit Sharing
  • OUR COMPANY: Perryman vision and values, work environment, open communication, employee recognition rewards, discount programs, and more

Perryman is a proud company.  We are committed to our values of quality, innovation, and integrity. We are proud of our long history, of being a private company, and of our sustainable growth which all make it possible to continue rewarding our employees so well.

Opportunities at Perryman

Perryman is always looking to add exceptional people to our company. Learn more about our company, values, and benefits of being a part of the Perryman team.

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