Textured Infrastructure Bar

Surface texture engineered specifically for enhanced bond strength.

Textured Infrastructure Bar

Titanium is being used to repair and strengthen existing concrete bridge structures. Titanium is an ideal choice for infrastructure due to its unique characteristics. Titanium is not only high strength and ductile, it is also environmentally durable due to its corrosion resistance.  

The surface enhances the bond

We have pioneered a line of bar products which have been proven to be successful in a variety of challenging bridge repair projects.

Perryman has developed a unique manufacturing process that imparts a surface condition on our infrastructure bar products.  This surface allows for an enhanced bonding between the bar, the epoxy used, and the concrete surface.  In addition, our infrastructure bars can be bent to create hooks for additional anchorage to the concrete.  We can ship the bars with hooked ends, or they can be simply bent on the jobsite to allow flexibility.  To meet the most demanding applications, bars can be produced in lengths up to 35 feet. 

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•    # 2 bar - 0.250” (6.35 mm)
•    # 3 bar - 0.375” (9.5 mm)
•    # 4 bar - 0.500” (12.7 mm)
•    # 5 bar - 0.625” (15.7 mm)
•    # 6 bar - 0.750” (19.1 mm)
•    Other diameters available upon request
•    0.250" to 0.750" +/- 0.001" (6.35 mm to 19.1 mm +/- 0.025 mm) 

•    Titanium 6Al/4V 
All infrastructure bar products are packaged suitably for delivery directly to the job site


Installing near surface mount textured bar

An installed near surface mounted textured bar

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