Precision Finish Coil

Our precision finish coil is the preferred choice of titanium fastener manufacturers worldwide.

Precision Finish Coil

Since our beginning, the manufacturing of precision finish coil for the aerospace fastener industry has been at the core of Perryman Company.  Over 30 years later we are recognized as a leader in the industry.  Through the years we have developed innovative products which have met or exceeded our customer's requirements. 

With each new challenge - whether it's the need for tighter tolerances or meeting the demands of head to size fastener programs, Perryman has delivered.  Our quality and attention to detail has earned us an industry reputation as a company that our customers have come to rely on - one of confidence and trust in our ability to provide the best titanium products. 

  • 0.099" to 0.575" (2.50 mm to 14.60 mm) dia. 
  • Customer specified or industry standards
  • Coil weights are billet dependent
  • Titanium 6Al/4V,
  • Titanium 6Al/4V ELI
  • Titanium 6Al/7Nb
  • Titanium 3Al/2.5V
  • Titanium 6Al/6V/2Sn
  • Titanium CP grades 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Beta alloys
  • Other alloys available upon request
  • Precision dead cast loose wound coils from 34" to 36" (863 mm to 914 mm) I.D.
  • Coil weights are normally 100 lbs. to 250 lbs. (45 kgs. to 113 kgs.) with capability up to 500 lbs. (227 kgs.)

Coils are carefully wrapped and protected.

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