Titanium Capabilities

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For more than 30 years Perryman has built a solid foundation through a planned program of forward and backward integration.  Investing in the future - and investing in our capabilities to support our customers as we grow with them.

As a fully integrated producer, Perryman has a complete range of capabilities to melt ingots and produce a full complement of quality titanium products.  To achieve this, we utilize the best equipment and employ highly trained and qualified manufacturing and technical personnel.

Perryman's capabilities provide customers complete confidence in our ability to deliver quality products that meet specifications.  Beginning with our blending of raw materials through melting, breakdown, hot rolling and finishing - we are in complete control.  And, our capabilities don't end there.  To assure we meet customer requirements, our 2 complete testing labs are capable of performing all necessary analyses.

At Perryman our focus is on the customer.  From our inside sales staff through our team of engineers and metallurgists, we stand ready to support our customers.

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