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We believe in using the best equipment and processes, employing the best people, and manufacturing specialty titanium products that are second to none.

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Titanium Group

For more than 30 years Perryman has made significant investments to position itself as the premier titanium products supplier. Through a combination of backward and forward integration, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to expand our capabilities and our manufacturing capacity.

Our focus has been on meeting our customer’s needs by providing them a full range of capabilities all within the Perryman facilities. Because we are in complete control – from melting through breakdown, hot rolling, finishing and testing, our customers are assured of the highest quality titanium products.

Our titanium facilities are all located in Pennsylvania.

Our melting facility is located in Coal Center, PA. On this campus, Perryman maintains all equipment needed to prepare and process all of the raw materials used to formulate the chemistries required for melting heats (ingot) of titanium. All of the melting furnaces are co-located in one building. Separately, the breakdown mill is also located on this campus. The breakdown mill consists of all of the heating furnaces and the breakdown equipment to convert ingots into the desired semi-finished product.

A summary of the equipment at the Coal Center, PA facility is highlighted below:
  • Two Electron Beam Cold Hearth Melting (EBCH) Furnaces
  • Three Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) Furnaces
  • Multiple Induction Furnaces
  • Ingot Breakdown Mill
  • Lab - Nadcap Accredited
The Vandale Drive, Houston, PA campus is home to Perryman’s hot rolling mill facility and a majority of our finishing operations. The rolling mill was purposely designed to process hot rolled titanium bar and coil. It is highly efficient. Hot rolled material produced on this mill is then converted into finished bar, coil, fine wire, additive wire, and shaped products. Each of these finishing operations are located in product focused separate facilities on the Houston Campus. Perryman’s testing laboratory is also located on the Houston campus. Finally, all products finished on this campus are shipped to customers from this location.

Adjacent to the Vandale Campus, Perryman has a dedicated bar finishing facility which is located on our Pike Street campus in Houston, PA. At this finishing location Perryman processes the majority of its bar products to both standard and precision bar tolerances. All bar products are shipped from this facility.

A summary of the equipment at the Houston, PA campuses are highlighted below:
  • Hot Rolling Mill
  • Bar Finishing
  • Wire Finishing 
  • Wire Lubrication Lines
  • Fine Wire Finishing
  • Shapes Finishing
  • Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Testing
  • Testing Laboratory
In Frackville, PA, Perryman maintains an intermediate titanium processing facility. The Frackville campus operations serve to support the Vandale Drive campus through supplying semi-finished coil that is ready for further processing and finishing.

Perryman is recognized as a full-service titanium producer capable of producing 12,500 pounds in 30" (762 mm) or 33” (838 mm) round ingots all the way down to producing fine wire that is finer than human hair. From melt to breakdown to delivery, we provide quality titanium products that meet customer's needs.

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