Metalube & Coating Services

Manufacturer and supplier of quality aqueous cleaners/degreasers and lubricants for use in the specialty metals industry. 

Metalube Operations

Metalube Corporation, founded in 1969, developed proprietary lubricants and fluids for the aerospace and metalworking industry. The lubricants are used worldwide to assist in the forming of specialty metal products. The cleaning compounds were designed to replace solvent-base cleaners as a safer, greener alternative.

From this core manufacturing business, Metalube serves the industries that depend on its products and has expanded to distribute other similar products, coat material with lubricants, and inventory and distribute coated products to local consumers. The company was renamed Metalube & Coating Services, LLC in 2019.

One of the keystone products manufactured by Metalube is 4U Cleaner.  
4U is a heavy duty, multi-purpose, concentrated cleaner & degreaser for use in a wide variety of cleaning applications. Environmentally safe, this water based cleaner consists of non-corrosive and rust inhibiting compounds making it safe and effective across a variety of uses. 4U can easily cut through the toughest grease and grime, from the heaviest industrial manufacturing applications to residential, automotive, marine, RV and more.  For more information please see

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