Additive / 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing offers an efficient cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.

The global additive manufacturing and 3D printing market continues to grow and expand.  The opportunity to cost effectively produce parts through a variety of layering methodologies has attracted the interests of nearly all major manufacturing companies.  OEM aerospace and medical companies are already using additively produced titanium parts on planes and for implants.  Research on developing improvements in both design and process continues worldwide – and, across many application platforms.

In addition to replacing traditional manufacturing to produce existing parts, additive manufacturing and 3D printing are helping to challenge and re-design components in order to be lighter, smaller, and less complex.  These features all lead to improvements in performance, efficiencies, and lower costs.  Use of titanium offers even greater opportunities for improved efficiencies.

For more than 13 years, Perryman has been at the forefront of supplying premium titanium wire materials for a variety of wire fed/wire deposition systems as well as centerless ground bar products for producing titanium powder using the atomization process.  Perryman continues to work closely with numerous companies as they develop their processes.  We are valued for our:
  • Full integration from melt to finished product – all within Perryman’s control
  • Melting capabilities – affording the opportunity for custom chemistries
  • Producing the highest quality titanium materials
  • Expert technical and metallurgical experience
  • Understanding of the industry and our customer’s needs
These are the characteristics that make Perryman the most qualified supplier into the additive and 3D printing market.

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